The thing that makes my neighbor’s partner very gay?

The thing that makes my neighbor’s partner very gay?

235 `Sire olde kaynard, is this thyn range? `Sir old doddering fool, is this thy undertaking? 236 Why is my personal neighebores wyf so gay? 237 She is honoured overal ther she gooth; She is honored everywhere she happens; 238 We sitte at the hoom; I’ve zero thrifty clooth. I to use household; I have no decent clothing. 239 What dostow at my neighebores hous? Exactly what dost thou within my neighbor’s home? 240 Are she so fair? Artow therefore amorous? Are she thus fair? Ways thou therefore amorous? 241 What rowne ye with oure mayde? Benedicite! What exactly do you whisper with these housemaid? Bless me! 242 Sire olde lecchour, lat thy japes feel! 243 And in case I’ve good gossib or a freend, Of course I’ve a good friend otherwise an associate, 244 Withouten gilt, thou chidest because the an effective feend, Innocently, thou scold including an effective fiend, 245 If it We walke otherwise pleye unto his hous! If i stroll otherwise wade unto his domestic so you can put on display your me personally! 246 Thou comest hoom because dronken while the a beneficial mous, Thou comest household just like the drunk since the a great mouse, 247 And you may prechest toward thy bench, which have yvel preef! And you will preach on thy workbench, misfortune to you! 248 Thou seist in my experience it’s a good acceptance meschief Thou sayest in my opinion it is an effective misfortune 249 So you’re able to wedde a great povre womman, to possess costage; To marry an awful woman, because of expenses; 250 And if that she getting riche, of heigh parage, And in case she become steeped, of higher birth, 251 Thanne seistow that it’s a beneficial tormentrie Upcoming thou sayest it is a great torment 252 So you can soffre hire pleasure and you can hire malencolie. 253 Just in case one she end up being fair, thou verray knave, If in case she be reasonable, thou utter knave, 254 Thou seyst that each and every holour wol hire provides; Thou sayest that every lecher desires to features their unique; 255 She may no while in chastitee abyde, She will maybe not remain chaste for the length of time, 256 That is assailled upon ech an excellent syde. Who’s assailed on each side.

Sir dated lecher, help thy tricks feel!

257 Thou seyst som people desiren united states getting richesse, Thou sayest particular someone appeal you for money, 258 Somme to have oure shap, and you may somme getting oure fairnesse, Certain for the figure, and many for our equity, 259 And som to own she kan outher synge otherwise daunce, And another since the she will possibly sing otherwise moving, 260 And som to own gentillesse and daliaunce; And lots of due to noble ancestry and flirtatious speak; 261 Som to own hir handes and hir armes smale; Specific for their hands as well as their slim hands; 262 Thus goth al toward devel, of the thy story. For this reason goes the towards demon, based on you. 263 Thou seyst guys could possibly get nat kepe a beneficial castel wal, Thou sayest guys will most likely not safeguard a castle wall, 264 It might thus longe assailled become overal. This may such a long time become assailed for the all sides.

To put on along with her pride along with her furious emotions

265 While one to she feel bad, thou seist you to definitely she And in case she end up being unappealing, thou sayest that she 266 Coveiteth all the guy that she may se, Covets all people that she often see, 267 For due to the fact a beneficial spanyel she wol on the hym lepe, Getting such as a spaniel she will towards your dive, 268 Til you to definitely she fynde som guy get to help you chepe. Until she get some man to order (take) their unique. 269 Ne noon so grey goos gooth ther throughout the lake Neither really does any goose go truth be told there from the river, regardless of how drab, 270 While the, seistow, wol come withoute make. You to definitely, thou sayest, would be in the place of a friend. 271 And you will seyst it’s an tough thyng having so you’re able to welde And you will thou sayest it’s a painful procedure to control 272 A thyng you to zero guy wole, his thankes, helde. Something no guy usually, willingly, hold. 273 Ergo seistow, lorel, whan thow goost so you can bedde, For this reason sayest thou, scoundrel, when thou goest to bed, 274 Which no wys man nedeth to own so you can wedde, And that no wise people needs to marry, 275 Ne zero people you to entendeth unto hevene. Nor people people one expectations (to go) to eden. 276 With wilde thonder-dynt and you will firy levene Which have nuts thunder-bolt and you will fiery super 277 Moote thy welked nekke become tobroke! Get thy wrinkled shoulder become broken-in bits!


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