The guy treasured enjoying his master looking happier despite discovering that pleasure with another type of people

The guy treasured enjoying his master looking happier despite discovering that pleasure with another type of people

On the ways household, the carriage are ambushed by son fo Sun Congrui. However, Ji Heng had his dudes overpowered the latest young man within a few minutes.

Exactly what a great gay and splendid life!

A servant have been almost fatally poisoned is actually taken to Tian Qi. She got just started exploring him whenever Miss Kang forced and you may need Tian Qi to adopt the tiny cut-in her finger.

Tian Qi neglected their and you may Dr Ding asserted that he’s going to see into cut but Skip Kang wished Tian Qi to help you beat their particular.

He said that they certainly were currently rumoured in order to have an immoral relationships

Madam Ji mentioned that in the event the she wished to become hitched toward Residence Ji following she is to avoid becoming such a rotten girl. How do she create the household?

Ji Heng titled one another Tian Qi and you may Ji Zheng to see your. He requested Tian Qi the thing that was their advice whenever Ji Zheng turned down both candidates to have a wedding getting him.

External Tian Qi mentioned that she read a beneficial rumour you to definitely her and you may Ji Zheng was in fact also personal and that she had seduced him.

This did actually please Ji Zheng and you will questioned when the she performed entice your. Awww, they do features an effective chemistry as well.

Ji Heng expected Tian Qi to get here as he speaks to Sunrays Congrui. However, Tian Qi turned into instead so you can laden with by herself on account of her undetectable rage into Congrui.

She needed to kneel off where she was standing until they had ebony and you will been raining greatly. Ji Heng informed her to help you preceed so you’re able to their space.

Ji Heng nearly got seduced of the voice from Kang Ning’er singing in the end, the guy went the contrary way.

Sheng Anhuai advised Tian Qi one she need compensate having Ji Heng and you will clean out him such as for instance he was a pal once again.

In the end, it was not way too hard to ease your warmly once more as the the guy provided their a few tits of money.

Tian Qi is instantly ready to see the money just before their. She following questioned if Ji Heng regretted punishing their unique.

Tian Qi following asserted that she never take on the money in the event the there’s no be sorry for, then she cannot are entitled to merit.

Ji Heng are flummoxed and you may told you so to help you Sheng Anhui who is similarly confused with money enjoying Tian Qi declining locate all of them.

He flew kites which have a hidden message from feel dissapointed about. Tian Qi discovered among the kites and you may visited find Ji Heng.

Ji Zheng found come across Ji Heng. The guy advised their sister that he would definitely become being permanently in town and also had himself their own residence. The thing is he required individuals to complete the newest article in his manor. He would wanna start by hoping you to Ji Zheng is assist your enjoys Tian Qi just like the their assistant.

Ji Zheng become when it is calm about it however, ended up screaming from the Ji Zheng for seeking poach Tian Qi. He does not want his sister and Tian Qi to live a life of wenching and debauchery.

Before their family altar (or something) Ji Heng involved so you’re able to start lashing Ji Zheng whenever Tian Qi seemed and you will begged Ji Zheng in order to punish their instead since the it had been their particular blame.

Tian Qi asserted that exactly what she required you to she admired Ji Heng such you to she seems therefore substandard close to him. He ter um vislumbre deste site had been therefore perfect, close to your she felt like these people were affect and you may dirt.


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