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Becoming VAT registered early can save your business hundreds or even thousands of pounds. I have been working with them for last 20 years for my personal, business, tax and accounting work. Initially, I found them a bit pricey but they justified their fee by bringing a lot of value to my business. I appreciate the support from their passionate team and have already recommended them to most of my business friends. Our firm, based in Central London and Glasgow, specialises in proactive tax planning and strategies for organisations and individuals to help mitigate your tax liabilities. Our comprehensive approach helps to take away the burden of tax and accounting compliance.

For instance, they provide an accounts payable functionality on their lowest tier w/ no restrictions, as well as a project accounting functionality. It also includes many other useful accounting features, including enabling users (on all tiers) to track their billable hours and add them to invoices. It is a myth that one employee can’t make a difference in sales and revenue.

We can have you all set up in just in three simple steps…

That’s why our team is passionate about working with business start-ups, guiding them through the legal, financial and taxation implications of running a business. We have the resources, the experts, the knowledge and experience to help your business grow. And with over 1,000 accountancy clients in the UK and London, the volume of our work allows us to share economies of scale with you. A PR firm or marketing agency for example, will likely require project accounting to account time, revenue and expenses against each client and/or project.

  • We will work with you to provide all Companies House forms commonly required when starting to trade.
  • In this situation, when the company cannot tend to afford a fulltime resource, it will certainly look for an option where it can hire and release the employee when needs arise.
  • They will assist you in solving any problems or queries related to taxes, payrolls, VAT, or other financial matters.
  • I am so glad that I chose Heighten as my accountant when setting up my business and cannot recommend them highly enough.
  • Using an accounting system that accommodates project accounting provides the business with profitability, productively and WIP (Work In Progress) reports.
  • Our experienced accountants have a high level of expertise and can offer productive financial advice, business planning and industry-specific guidance to your challenges.

Professional accounting firms are able to provide cost-effective solutions that save you money in the long run. For example, they can help you reduce expenses and improve your bottom line. The right accountancy firm can lower your taxes, successfully claim R&D Tax Credits for you and much more. Whether you’re planning a new fundraising round, or planning to reinvest in more workforce or technology, good accounting services are vital.

What We Can Do For Your Startup

Even a start-up hires at least two to three employees in the beginning. So, it becomes imperative to manage time and attendance, timely release of payments, adherence with the tax rules, and many other things for which payroll services are a must. Outsourcing is a process of hiring a skilled resource from outside of your business to deal with your specialists tasks and paying them a fee to do so. It may be that you outsourced your bookkeeping, your payroll, your copywriting or your marketing.

  • As a  StartUp business in the United Kingdom, having the best products and services in the market will attract customers to your business.
  • Make us your business startup accountant and we’ll keep on top of all your finances, so you can concentrate on your new business.
  • An experienced accountant can read between the lines to pinpoint areas of your business that are leaking money.
  • For instance, they provide an accounts payable functionality on their lowest tier w/ no restrictions, as well as a project accounting functionality.
  • For these reasons, at Heighten Accountants, we have developed our Startup business support programme called ‘WiseStart’.

The good news is, there are plenty of business accounting services out there that can help your startup succeed. It handles invoicing, credit notes, payroll and accounts payable, however you won’t experience anything such bookkeeping for startups as open banking integration, or ever be able to use accounting services unless they are in house on your computer. Alternatively, if you just want us to take care of one aspect of your finances, we can do that too.


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