HAROLD We 1035 – 1040 Called Harold Harefoot, from inside the detection out-of their speed and you will skill because a hunter

HAROLD <a href="https://lovingwomen.org/da/blog/slaviske-datingsider/">https://lovingwomen.org/da/blog/slaviske-datingsider/</a> We 1035 – 1040 Called Harold Harefoot, from inside the detection out-of their speed and you will skill because a hunter

EDWARD The fresh CONFESSOR 1042-1066 Following the loss of Harthacanute, Edward restored this new rule of the property out of Wessex on English throne

Harold is the illegitimate child of Canute; the guy stated the newest English top toward death of his dad whilst the his half of-brother Harthacanute, the newest rightful heir, was at Denmark assaulting to protect his Danish kingdom. Harold died 3 years to your their rule, only days just before Harthacanute are because of take The united kingdomt which have a keen military away from Danes. He had been hidden during the Westminster Abbey before Harthacanute got their body dug up, beheaded, and thrown on Thames. Their pieces was in fact later gained and you will re-tucked within St. Clement Danes within the London.

HARTHACANUTE 1040 – 1042 The new young buck regarding Cnut the great and you will Emma off Normandy, Harthacanute sailed in order to The united kingdomt with his mom, with a collection out of 62 warships, and you will try instantly acknowledged while the queen. Perhaps so you’re able to appease their mom, the year prior to the guy passed away Harthacanute acceptance his 1 / 2 of-sis Edward, Emma’s young buck from their own very first marriage to help you Aethelred the fresh Unready, right back away from exile from inside the Normandy. Harthacanute passed away during the a wedding as the toasting the health of this new bride; he had been old merely 24 and try the final Danish queen to help you code England

A significantly pious and you can religious people, he presided over the rebuilding regarding Westminster Abbey, leaving most of this new running of the country in order to Earl Godwin and his awesome son Harold. Edward passed away childless, seven weeks after the renovations toward Westminster Abbey had completed. Without sheer replacement, The united kingdomt was facing an energy strive to have command over new throne.

HAROLD II 1066 Even with no royal bloodline, Harold Godwinson try chose queen by the Witan (a great council out-of high ranking nobles and religious management), following loss of Edward the Confessor. The brand new election influence don’t meet up with the acceptance of just one William, Duke out of Normandy, who stated one his relative Edward had assured this new throne in order to your years before. Harold outdone an enthusiastic invading Norwegian armed forces on Battle out of Stamford Connection for the Yorkshire, following out of Normandy who’d arrived their pushes in the Sussex. New death of Harold in the Battle Regarding Hastings designed brand new end of English Anglo-Saxon kings and also the beginning of the Normans.


WILLIAM I (The fresh new Conqueror) 1066- 1087 Called William the latest Bastard (however generally to his deal with!), he had been the new illegitimate child of Robert the brand new Devil, exactly who the guy succeeded due to the fact Duke regarding Normandy within the 1035. William involved England of Normandy, claiming you to definitely their 2nd cousin Edward the latest Confessor got assured your the fresh new throne, and you will defeated Harold II at the Race off Hastings into the 14th Oct 1066. For the 1085 the brand new Domesday Survey is going and all England is submitted, so William know exactly what his the kingdom consisted of and just how much taxation he might improve to help you finance their armies. William died at the Rouen after a trip out of their pony even though the besieging the brand new French town of Nantes. He or she is tucked in the Caen.

WILLIAM II (Rufus) 1087-1100 William wasn’t a greatest queen, made available to lavishness and you may cruelty. He never ever married and you will are killed regarding The latest Tree because of the a great stray arrow as the away search, maybe accidentally, or attempt purposely towards the tips off his young cousin Henry. Walter Tyrrell, among the query group, is charged into the action. The brand new Rufus Stone on The brand new Tree, Hampshire, marks the location in which the guy decrease.

Death of William Rufus HENRY We 1100-1135 Henry Beauclerc was new next and you may youngest young man of William I. Well-educated, he depending a great zoo at Woodstock in Oxfordshire to analyze pet. He was known as ‘Lion of Justice’ as he offered The united kingdomt good laws, even if the punishments was ferocious. Their a couple of sons was indeed sunken on White Boat very their daughter Matilda is made their replacement. She was hitched so you’re able to Geoffrey Plantagenet. Whenever Henry died off dinner poisoning, the fresh new Council sensed a woman unfit to code thereby offered new throne to Stephen, good grandson from William I.


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